Friday, July 18, 2014

2 Fun Unconventional Ways To Give Back

By Daniel Steffy, Intern

With never ending disasters and people in need, it's no secret the American Red Cross is always looking for new donors, volunteers, and service members. But lets take a look at 2 different brand name companies who are working hand in hand with the Red Cross to create unique, unconventional ways for you to give back!

1.)Amazon Smile
For all you people that love online shopping this one is for you. With the creation of the Amazon Smile program, customers shop for their desired items at the same low cost they did on The catch is, Amazon Smile allows customers to donate a portion of the purchase price to their favorite charitable organization. The list of eligible charities is close to a million different organizations, including the American Red Cross. This means you can treat yourself and get that special item you've been wanting, while at the same time bettering your community! To start your charitable shopping spree, or for more information about Amazon Smile, check out their page:

2.) Uber
Uber is a San-Francisco based company with the goal of connecting drivers, riders, and making cities more easily accessible. Basically, Uber is a mobile app that allows passengers to easily connect with drivers of vehicles for hire and ride-sharing services. Recently Uber has begun a national partnership with the American Red Cross and has pledged to help cities and citizens in times of disasters. By downloading and trusting their app to safely transport you when disasters are near, you can help the Red Cross mission! During disasters and relevant states of emergency, Uber has committed to donate its commissions on surge trips to the American Red Cross. Also, Uber will support ongoing community events like blood drives and donation drives with safe, affordable and reliable transportation options for American Red Cross’ volunteers and participating community members. To find about more about Uber and their new national partnership, check out their homepage:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Red Cross Lubbock Summer Open House

By Daniel Steffy, Intern

On Wednesday, July 30th, Red Cross Lubbock's doors will be wide open to the public! Between 2:00pm & 4:30pm, grab your kids and family members and come get a exclusive look at the way we operate!  

Tour our Red Cross headquarters and even observe our Emergency Response Vehicle up close and personal!

Then, spend some time meeting the people that keep your local Red Cross up and running.  

Here at the Red Cross, our relationship with the community is important to us. Our informed staff will be on hand and ready to converse. Feel free to ask them any questions about our services, volunteer opportunities, and just about anything Red Cross related you can think of! 

For the main event our new Executive Director Jon Farr will be in the office along with Disaster Manager John Cummins. Both have years experience in their perspective fields and are valuable assets to the team. 

For more information about the exact location of our headquarters, check out our Summer Open House Event Page:  


Friday, June 27, 2014

Annual Meeting & Volunteer Awards Ceremony Photos

By Daniel Steffy, Intern 

Take a look back inside our 2014 Annual Awards Ceremony and get to know the faces behind the Red Cross. All of these employee and volunteer award winners play a huge part in making our Red Cross Chapter so successful!

Jon Farr opens the Awards Ceremony

Delta Sigma Phi receiving our Certificate of Appreciation

 Erin Imhoff receiving our Exceptional Volunteer Service, Disaster Preparedness and Response Award

Miles Hardaway receiving our Exceptional Volunteer Service, Volunteer Leadership Award

Kassidy Ketron receiving our Exceptional Volunteer Service, Administrative Volunteer Award

Steve Moon receiving our Rookie of the Year Award

Pam Faubion receiving our Visionary Award

Judy Pevytoe receiving our Community Spirit Award

United Supermarkets receiving our Philanthropic Spirit Award

Tiffany Downing receiving our Chapter Employee of the Year Award

Joe Faubion receiving our Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award 

Congratulations to all the award winners! With this team of great people leading the way, the Red Cross is set to continue doing good in the community and working towards acheiving the Red Cross mission! If you would like to learn more about joining the team and becoming a Red Cross volunteer, check out:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meet our Chapter Volunteer of the Year

By Daniel Steffy, Intern
Joe Faubion at the Hurst Fire Station event

Meet Joe Faubion,  our 2014 Red Cross Lubbock Chapter Volunteer of Year Award winner! Based on his tremendous work ethic and hungry desire to aid the Red Cross mission, Joe was without a doubt the top candidate for the award. From his first days with Red Cross Lubbock Joe has been a valuable asset to the team. Take a minute to read about  why Joe first joined the Red Cross as well as some of his favorite experiences in his time spent with with Red Cross Lubbock.

Q: What first got you interested in the Red Cross and when did you join?

A: "I was recruited by my wife back in 2011. We always had plans to spend our retirement volunteering, after a good experience with Habitat for Humanity in Dallas, I joined my wife in her duties with Red Cross Lubbock". 

Joe is married to Pamela Faubion, the Disaster Operations Director for Red Cross Lubbock, and they have spent their retirement years exactly as planned. As a Disaster volunteer, Joe has put in countless hours assisting his wife in their mission to respond to disasters promptly and successfully.Together, they are often Red Cross Lubbock's first responders on the scene of a disaster call.

Q: Why did you make the choice to put in so much time and become such a dedicated Red Cross Volunteer?

A: "Along with spending time with my wife and taking on some of her duties, the Red Cross really is on a incredible mission to do a lot of good". 

Disaster volunteers spend a lot of time out in the field. For Joe, this means helping respond to the ever present disaster calls that Red Cross Lubbock receives. In his work, Joe interacts with disaster victims first hand, distributing necessary supplies, making minor repairs, and seeing that the victims get whatever it is they truly need. Check out more details about exactly what Joe does as a Disaster Volunteer here:

Q:As a Red Cross Volunteer, what is one of your favorite or most enjoyable part of the job?

A: "I like driving the ERV(Emergency Response Vehicle), and being out in the field".

Through his three years as a volunteer with the Red Cross Joe has always been involved and done great things for the community. He has responded to countless disasters, making him every bit deserving of this recognition. Joe will be receiving his award Thursday, June 26th, at our Red Cross Lubbock Annual Meeting & Volunteer Awards Ceremony.