Wednesday, February 15, 2017

KCBD News Channel 11—Long Time Title Sponsor

From left to right Karin McCay, John Robinson, Abner Euresti, & Pete Christy
We want to send our deepest gratitude to KCBD, they've been a title sponsor with us for many years. KCBD exemplifies Red Cross values and are strong advocates for us. The support you give us for the Champions Breakfast is outstanding and we’re grateful for your contribution.

We’d also like to give a huge thanks to the KCBD staff shown on your right; these four individuals have been wonderful to the Red Cross. We can’t wait for you to join us for the 8th Champions Breakfast and we’re thankful for all that you do for the Red Cross.

KCBD has been a proud supporter of the Red Cross and we hope to work with them for many years to come.

An event like this takes a lot of contribution and dedication, and we hope to work with all of you for many years to come. We also look forward to seeing you at the 8th Champions Breakfast March 4, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. located at AeroCare.

Anyone who would like to join us you can purchase tickets here at

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Special Thanks to Our Bronze Sponsors

We would like to say thank you to our Bronze Sponsors for their generous support for making our 8th Champions Breakfast possible.

Thank you to an anonymous donor, your contributions are helpful to the Red Cross.

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Baby Alcapulco (Baby A’s) is a locally owned and operated
Mexican restaurant chain that has been proudly serving Austin for over 30 years!

BEALLS is bringing what’s happening within reach to everyone in Lubbock, TX. They’re dedicated to giving you the brands you love, quality you can count on, and values that make your day.
When it comes to beauty and fragrance, they believe it’s the little things that make the difference.

Happy State Bank their mission is to work hard, have fun, make money, while providing outstanding customer service and honoring the Golden Rule.

Hospice of Lubbock The region’s only nonprofit hospice serving Lubbock and 17 surrounding counties, Hospice of Lubbock provides a wide range of services to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients and their families. In addition, it is the only facility in the region to offer pediatric hospice services.

Rip Griffin Truck Ctr provides clean, safe and well-staffed truck stops. They provide full service fuel for your convenience and roadside assistance, available 24 hours.

An event like this takes a lot of contribution and dedication, and we hope to work with all of you for many years to come. We also look forward to seeing you at the 8thChampions Breakfast March 4, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. located at AeroCare.

Anyone who would like to join us you can purchase tickets here at

Friday, February 10, 2017

Thank you to our gold level sponsors

 For our 8th Champions Breakfast event, which honors heroes of the Lubbock and South Plains area. We are proud to have United SupermarketsCovenant Health Systems Lubbock, and Betenbough Homes as our gold level sponsors.

Betenbough Homes is a new gold level sponsor to the Red Cross, Betenbough builds homes in Lubbock, Midland and Amarillo. They have a passion for giving back and serving the community. Betenbough believes in helping others and we are grateful that we have them as our gold level sponsor.

Covenant Health Systems have been long-time sponsors for our Champions Breakfast. Covenant has been our sponsor for many years. Their mission is to work with others to improve health and quality of life in their communities. Covenant received a 5-Star rating from HealthGrades in 2010. We appreciate everything they've done and continue doing for the Red Cross.

United Supermarkets has been a gold level sponsor for the Red Cross for past years, including 2011 and 2012. United Supermarket’s mission is to give back to those who support them every day and United has supported Red Cross and they’re doing it again this year for our 8th Champions Breakfast.

An event like this takes a lot of contribution and dedication, and we hope to work with all of you for many years to come. We also look forward to seeing you at the 8th Champions Breakfast March 4, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. located at AeroCare.

Anyone who would like to join us you can purchase tickets here at

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Disaster Call

After months of volunteering at the Red Cross sending out emails and cleaning closets, I was presented with the opportunity to go on an emergency response call. After hours of training videos, instructional of pamphlets and conversations, I was still wholly unprepared.

In retrospect, it is impossible to fully train someone on how to best support people who are experiencing a disaster. There are some emotions that can’t be explained in a video – the hopelessness in one’s voice after they have just lost everything in a fire, the underlying uncertainty of the immediate future. The most obvious of these emotions is the situational distance between the rescuer, who still has their security and normality, and the disaster victim who has just had their security and normality suddenly whisked away. No matter how many training videos exist, nothing can prepare you for these emotions.

I quickly found myself facing these emotions as I visited a Lubbock resident whose house had just burned down. I had come to the Red Cross that day expecting to do volunteer office work, so I was dressed in trendy office wear much better suited for office parties than consoling fire victims. The weather was miserable that day — a mildly cold temperature made miserable by cutting Lubbock winds. At the table outside the remains of their house, the victims sat shivering. Most of the blankets and jackets, as well as all of their other possessions, were gone.

It was my job to help collect information, as well as provide information on how the Red Cross can help. The Red Cross provides assistance to any resident who suffers from a fire, and the process of setting up assistance does take time. Gathering information was difficult, as giving information is hard to do after having your house burn down. While collecting information, it was important to listen to the victim’s stories and thoughts.

As I tried to formulate questions to ask these people, I felt increasingly out of place. What these people needed was assistance and understanding. I could help provide assistance, but I could never understand the pain they were probably feeling. I have never been through a crisis like this, and it felt like the absurdity of my clothes and the hesitancy in my questions proved it.

Home Fire Photo from the Lubbock AJ

Despite these feelings, I was so glad to be apart of that situation. While many families have safety nets they can fall back on after situations like these, in many situations the Red Cross is some of the only support victims receive. With thousands of families being afflicted by costly fire damages, I am incredibly proud to belong to an organization that can provide physical, legitimate support. I may not be the best at providing emotional support to people in need (for now, at least), but I am so happy I am a part of an organization that allows me to be there and give help to those who have lost so much.

Guest contributor J. Miller

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Champions Breakfast 2017 - Josh Groves

Having the opportunity to honor the heroes of the South Plains area is one of the best things to be a part of. This event is a great way to be able to honor the people you look up to while also enjoying each others company. It will also be a privilege to see these heroes in person and being able to have the opportunity to thank them for their service.
Recently we got to speak with 2011 champion, Josh Groves. When it comes to helping those in need he is very passionate in doing so. He mentioned that at the time of the Red Cross Champions Breakfast he had been to Haiti about 25 times helping those in need by building homes. At the time, he didn't know how to work on homes but with time that changed.
Groves felt that this event shaped who he is today and it gave him a positive aspect on life. After my interview with Groves I was blown away by how selfless he was and it was nice that he didn't expect to receive this award. It is such a great thing when people love to help others without expecting something in return.

- Guest contributor Jada Allen