Friday, June 27, 2014

Annual Meeting & Volunteer Awards Ceremony Photos

By Daniel Steffy, Intern 

Take a look back inside our 2014 Annual Awards Ceremony and get to know the faces behind the Red Cross. All of these employee and volunteer award winners play a huge part in making our Red Cross Chapter so successful!

Jon Farr opens the Awards Ceremony

Delta Sigma Phi receiving our Certificate of Appreciation

 Erin Imhoff receiving our Exceptional Volunteer Service, Disaster Preparedness and Response Award

Miles Hardaway receiving our Exceptional Volunteer Service, Volunteer Leadership Award

Kassidy Ketron receiving our Exceptional Volunteer Service, Administrative Volunteer Award

Steve Moon receiving our Rookie of the Year Award

Pam Faubion receiving our Visionary Award

Judy Pevytoe receiving our Community Spirit Award

United Supermarkets receiving our Philanthropic Spirit Award

Tiffany Downing receiving our Chapter Employee of the Year Award

Joe Faubion receiving our Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award 

Congratulations to all the award winners! With this team of great people leading the way, the Red Cross is set to continue doing good in the community and working towards acheiving the Red Cross mission! If you would like to learn more about joining the team and becoming a Red Cross volunteer, check out:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meet our Chapter Volunteer of the Year

By Daniel Steffy, Intern
Joe Faubion at the Hurst Fire Station event

Meet Joe Faubion,  our 2014 Red Cross Lubbock Chapter Volunteer of Year Award winner! Based on his tremendous work ethic and hungry desire to aid the Red Cross mission, Joe was without a doubt the top candidate for the award. From his first days with Red Cross Lubbock Joe has been a valuable asset to the team. Take a minute to read about  why Joe first joined the Red Cross as well as some of his favorite experiences in his time spent with with Red Cross Lubbock.

Q: What first got you interested in the Red Cross and when did you join?

A: "I was recruited by my wife back in 2011. We always had plans to spend our retirement volunteering, after a good experience with Habitat for Humanity in Dallas, I joined my wife in her duties with Red Cross Lubbock". 

Joe is married to Pamela Faubion, the Disaster Operations Director for Red Cross Lubbock, and they have spent their retirement years exactly as planned. As a Disaster volunteer, Joe has put in countless hours assisting his wife in their mission to respond to disasters promptly and successfully.Together, they are often Red Cross Lubbock's first responders on the scene of a disaster call.

Q: Why did you make the choice to put in so much time and become such a dedicated Red Cross Volunteer?

A: "Along with spending time with my wife and taking on some of her duties, the Red Cross really is on a incredible mission to do a lot of good". 

Disaster volunteers spend a lot of time out in the field. For Joe, this means helping respond to the ever present disaster calls that Red Cross Lubbock receives. In his work, Joe interacts with disaster victims first hand, distributing necessary supplies, making minor repairs, and seeing that the victims get whatever it is they truly need. Check out more details about exactly what Joe does as a Disaster Volunteer here:

Q:As a Red Cross Volunteer, what is one of your favorite or most enjoyable part of the job?

A: "I like driving the ERV(Emergency Response Vehicle), and being out in the field".

Through his three years as a volunteer with the Red Cross Joe has always been involved and done great things for the community. He has responded to countless disasters, making him every bit deserving of this recognition. Joe will be receiving his award Thursday, June 26th, at our Red Cross Lubbock Annual Meeting & Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meet our Rookie of the Year

By Daniel Steffy, Intern

Meet Steve Moon, our 2014 Red Cross Lubbock Rookie of the Year Award winner! 
Steve Moon

The votes are in and through all of Steve's hard work and dedication in his first year with the Red Cross he has more than earned this award. Take a minute to read about Steve's reasons for joining and why he chose to be so committed to his new job with the Red Cross! 

Q: What first sparked your interest in joining an organization like the Red Cross? 

A: "I was first approached by members of the board".

Steve Moon was recruited by the board as the new Service to the Armed Forces Responder, given his experiences and the fact that Steve has a son in the service, it seemed a good fit. Now on the reciving end of an annual award, Steve has shown those board members made the right decsion. 

Q: What's it like for a newbie at the Red Cross?

A: "It's been something of an exciting challenge, there's lots to be done and lot's of opportunity here in Lubbock". 

As the Service to the Armed Forces Responder in Lubbock, Steve's job description includes working  directly with military families and individuals. Check out more details about the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces program here:

Q: Up to this point, what have you enjoyed most about working for the Red Cross? 

A: "My responsibilities in following up with family members of military personnel, I have a son in the service so following up with military families to make sure their getting everything they need is very rewarding". 

Through his first year, Steve has done excellent work as Lubbock's Service to the Armed Forces Responder. Steve will be receiving his award Thursday, June 26th, at our Red Cross Annual Meeting and Volunteer Awards Ceremony. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Red Cross Lubbock responds to June 6th Hail Storm

By Daniel Steffy, Intern

Lubbock county and two neighboring counties received extensive enough hail storm damage from storms that started June 6th that Red Cross Lubbock has officially opened up a level 2 Disaster Response Operation. 

Normally, it is quite unusual to respond this late, but after the initial storm, many families didn't know where to turn for assistance.  It wasn't in till the local TV station KAMC did an interview with us a week after the storm regarding our relief services that the phone calls started in. We are still receiving calls and the relief effort is ongoing.

Last week we identified over 85 homes damaged. We will be providing minor home repairs to home owners and rental assistance to those who need to move. Also, supplies have been distributed to those in need. Here's a in depth look at our updated list of facts and current services provided.

Storm Damage just outside Lubbock County

We are in a Level 2 Disaster Response Operation.
96 homes were affected by the storm.
This storm created damage throughout 3 counties, Hockley County, Lubbock County, and Hemphill County
We are currently assisting with minor home repairs and rental assistance

In addition to repairs, as of today we have given out:
47 tarps
22 pairs of gloves
26 comfort kits
13 moving forward books
11 mickey mouse stuffed animals

The Red Cross Lubbock will continue to provide these services to the families until everyone has received assistance. If you are in need of emergency assistance because of the hail storm in Hockley, Lubbock or Hemphill counties in Texas please contact us at 806-765-8534!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Blockbuster Survival Guide

By Daniel Steffy, Intern

Alien attacks? Zombie apocalypses? Or even a killer ape take over? In the case these summer Hollywood Blockbuster disasters become a reality, the Red Cross has you covered with a plethora of survival tips and resources. 

The Edge of Tomorrow: Alien Attacks

In the unfortunate event of an alien attack on planet earth, we learned from the movie we can count on Tom Cruise to save the day. When aliens invade they bring with them fire and havoc. They scorch our beloved planets surface, spreading wildfires and burning down countless homes. So just what should we normal, everyday citizens do while we wait for Mr. Cruise to swoop in and rescue us?

Don't panic, just turn to the guidance of trained experts at your local Red Cross. Make certain your home and family are prepared and educated for the martin's hostile heat with the Red Cross fire preparedness checklist.

Or stay one step ahead of the fast spreading flames with the Red Cross Wildfire App. Using these fire safety tips you should be able to avoid the aliens path and survive the fire and chaos until Tom Cruise can finish the job and save our planet from the alien attackers!

Maggie: Zombie apocalypses

With Arnold Schwarzenegger busy trying to care for his daughter who got freshly infected with the zombie virus, who is going to care for you during the zombie apocalypses? Make sure you can survive on your own in a chemical emergency such as a zombie outbreak.

Obviously a zombie apocalypse brings with it a variety of survival challenges, but take a minute to review the Red Cross's tips for survival in a chemical emergency.

Using this knowledge your next goal should be to escape the outbreak and make it safely to a shelter. Once there, you can resupply your survival kit and tend to any medical injuries. The Red Cross Shelter App will provide you with detailed maps and the location of the nearest functional shelter. Download it now. Good luck!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Killer Ape Take over

When man pushes super smart massive Apes too far, it results in them forming an army and setting out on a quest to conquer the world. Just like in the movie, it's safe to say our survival would be in jeopardy. After years of locking apes up in zoo's they surely won't be happy with the human race as a whole.

While killer apes present all sorts of threats, the knocking down and swinging from power lines causing major power outages is the first of many. Again you might find yourself hunkered down waiting for aid. But just how ready are you to survive in a boarded up home with no power?

Check out the Red Cross power outagepreparedness checklist to ensure your ready for the challenge and can stay in hiding from the angry apes.

Also, don't forget about your beloved furry pets amidst the horde of giant monkeys. If your pet becomes injured while your on lock down in a powerless home, their survival depends on you! Download the Red Cross Pet First Aid App and protect your pets from anything, including giant angry apes!

And of course, besides these three extreme movie scenarios, life's many challenges in general present the need to be able to perform basic CPR/AED, as well as always having a survival kit at the ready. In the event someone you know is injured or a unexpected disaster rolls in, you’ll be able to respond with confidence. Let the Red Cross help train you to besurvival ready for anything! Also, take a look at our Red Cross survival kits to purchase one or compare it to your current kit!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Join the American Red Cross in Celebrating Flag Day!

By Daniel Steffy, Intern

Many Americans fly their flags on July Fourth, to celebrate the birth of our nation. But the American flag has a holiday all its own, and it's coming up this Saturday. The idea for Flag Day is believed to date to 1885, when a school teacher named B.J. Cigrand in Freedonia, Wisconsin, celebrated a "flag birthday" on June 14th -- the 108th anniversary of the United States officially adopting the Stars and Stripes as its national flag. Cigrand promoted his idea relentlessly, and it began to catch on. By 1894, the governor of New York ordered the flag displayed on all public buildings and in 1916 President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation establishing June 14th as Flag Day. With Wilson's proclamation, Flag Day began to grow in popularity, but it wasn't until 1949 that President Harrry Truman signed an act of Congress official designating June 14th as our annual National Flag Day.
[Here's some more background:]

But June 14th already has special significance in American history. On that date in 1775 -- two years before it adopted the flag --  the Second Continental Congress commissioned the American Continental Army, the forerunner of our modern military. The American Red Cross has a long partnership with America's military, starting with the days when Clara Barton first led a group of nurses onto the battlefields to care for American soldiers during the Spanish-American War. The Red Cross has supported America's military through every conflict since then, as well as provided support to their families back home. The Red Cross continues to proudly serve our nation's soldiers today!

[More background:]

So join the Red Cross in remembering America's heroes and be sure to fly your flag this Saturday, not just to honor the flag on its birthday, but also to celebrate the men and women who have served under it throughout our nation's history. If you'd like to make a difference, check out the Red Cross service to the armed forces page: