Friday, May 5, 2017


I’ve been lucky enough to work for a great nonprofit organization like the American Red Cross. I started working here in January and unfortunately I’m ending my time here in May because I’m graduating from Texas Tech.
What I love the most about the Red Cross is the fact that they’re not government funded. All of their donations and financial gifts come from their donors and volunteers which is fantastic.
Being a public affairs intern here is great for me because I started at Tech as a public relations major. I write press releases, update their social media accounts, make flyers, invitations, write blog posts and I interview prospective clients for the Red Cross Lubbock. I’ve also went around Lubbock and the Texas Tech campus to post flyers around about the Giving Day event and their Champions Breakfast event.
My favorite thing about being an intern here at the Red Cross is probably getting to be interviewed by local TV stations here in Lubbock like KLBK and Fox 34. I was thrilled to be able to write a press release for the Champions Breakfast and seeing that it got published on KLBK’s website was super exciting.
My time here at the Red Cross has been worth it and I’ve learned so much through this journey. I want to thank the Executive Director, Laura Hann for giving me this opportunity because she has taught me a lot about what the Red Cross is and what they stand for and she’s taught me how to be a great public affairs intern.
If you’re a college student and you’re looking for a place to intern or volunteer at, the Red Cross is a great place to work for and you won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Severe Storms: Delivering Relief to Families

I want to update you on our response to last weekend’s severe storms—which devastated hundreds of homes across the Southern Plains and Mississippi Valley. We want to make sure everyone stays safe. If you have loved ones or friends in affected areas, please share our free Emergency App with safety tips, shelter locations and severe weather alerts. Download the app by searching “American Red Cross” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Across several states, Red Cross volunteers and staff are working tirelessly to deliver food, shelter and comfort. In Texas, tornadoes flattened neighborhoods, and more than 100 people were rescued from rising waters in Missouri. Powerful winds and floods also ravaged homes in Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

The needs are dire—and we’re ramping up a big response to help. Since Saturday, we’ve provided more than 700 overnight stays for people seeking refuge in 43 Red Cross and community shelters. We’re also delivering nourishing meals, snacks and comfort kits with necessities like toothbrushes for people who lost so much. In addition, trained workers are offering health services, such as replacing lost prescription medications, and emotional support to help families coping with the trauma of the storms.

As areas become safe to enter, we’ll continue assessing damage to hard-hit neighborhoods like the one below in Texas. We’re also working closely with local partners to address people’s urgent needs and to closely monitor this week’s severe weather threats—which could worsen conditions.

We need your support to continue helping people devastated by disasters like severe storms—and countless other crises that occur every day. Families who live through these traumatic events rely on compassionate individuals like you for relief and hope.

If you want to help today, please contact me at 806-765-8534

Thank you,

Laura Hann
Executive Director
American Red Cross
Serving the Texas South Plains